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About Us

Welcome to Digital Links

Digital Links is the perfect choice for a wide array of security solutions such as CCTV Cameras (AI, Fisheye, FHD, IP, PTZ) Bio metric Identification Access Control Systems (Facial, Fingerprint), Network Switches, Electric Locks, Network Cables and Mechanical Security Solutions (Parking Management Systems, Barrier Gates, Flap Gates, Walk-through Gates).

About Digital Links

Digital Links has been working in the communication sector since 1992 to provide security solutions. Because of our dedication and brilliant performance, the company was awarded sole distribution / resellership for Pakistan by Pollo, Milesight, IDIS, ANVIZ & NITGEN for their range of security products. We offer preeminent apt solutions catering to the specific needs of the businesses which are further entirely tailored.


We are the pioneers of CCTV in Pakistan. Our market position is further strengthened by our global network of business associates and access to the latest tools and technologies. We consider our employees as the core strength of our business success. Our pre-sales assistance and post-sales services reflect the true hallmark of our work ethic.


Stepping into the age of digital transformation, we realize the importance for companies to outsource IT tasks to quality partners. Hence, we also provide managed IT, cyber security, website development and network infrastructure services to many clients in the UAE, Australia and Pakistan. We understand that both cyber and physical security is of crucial importance to live a safe, secure and peaceful life.

Mission and Vision

Mission – To provide leading security solutions that ensure both cyber and practical security for people belonging to all sectors. We aim to do this by fully utilizing the potential of our dedicated resources, existing knowledge-base and refined processes.

Vision – To deliver solutions that efficiently address the security needs of our clientele, irrespective of their geographic location. We want to realize our vision in order to enhance their state of security and safety while helping them live better lives.


Activating Leadership

We urge our employees to take initiatives and exercise their full potential to take full responsibility of their work.


Striving for Excellence

Our resources work diligently to excel in their daily job responsibilities. We provide them access to the latest tools and technologies to enhance their technical expertise.

Embracing Diversity

Talent matters to us irrespective of race, religion, caste or creed. As a result, our team is one unified group of people eager to take challenges head-on.


A Team for the Future

Our team provides solutions to meet the diverse needs of the challenging future ahead. By using the latest tools and technologies, we deliver modern and futuristic solutions.

A Common Goal

Our common goal is to deliver immaculate services to our clients. This enables our team in communicating problems openly and resolving them together with our collective efforts.At Digital Links, we share ideas to grow and learn together. We promote self-driven employees and encourage progressive mindsets.

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